The Seven Hills Promenaders
Dancing at the Ducharme Center
10 Dupont Street Worcester, MA

Modern Western Square Dancing
First night is
October 22

Even if you think you can't dance, take this dance class—combining intellectual challenge with heart healthy walking exercise and fun!

Up for a challenge—like they are at MIT? Learn this form of square dancing—in teams of 8 dancers. Experience the spontaneous celebration that often erupts when your team succeeds through a complicated sequence of movements. Learn to decode the caller's instructions—take lessons right here. This is "thinking on your feet dancing" as you extemporaneously weave through the calls—moving to the beat of the music with 7 other people on your "team."

Learn the meaning of Circulate, Spin Chain Through, Cross Run, Spin the Top, Relay the Deucey, Load the Boat, and many more calls. These are all part of the vocabulary in MODERN Square Dancing. At MIT, the students and staff have a thriving modern square dance club. The dancers at MIT say they find this form of square dancing intellectually challenging, good exercise and a whole lot of fun. Take this class and then be able to attend the MIT club dances. Read their story as it was printed in the MIT campus newspaper SPECTRUM:

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