The Seven Hills Promenaders
A MODERN Square Dance Club
DBD Plus Workshops Every Wednesday Night at 700PM
Dancing at The Ducharme Center
10 Dupont Street Worcester, MA 01604

An AMERICAN Folk Dance
"MIT Style"

MIT has a thriving square dance club where they do MODERN Western Square Dancing. They call themselves Tech Squares.


On October 27, area college students are invited to attend a dance with some of the MIT club dancers and other skilled dancers from the area. The MIT club caller will be there, putting the experienced dancers through their paces. You'll watch the skilled dancers, then you'll get on the floor to learn and try it yourself. Square dancing has been re-invented. Dance in teams of 8, moving through formations that almost seem like a human Rubik's Cube, and then celebrate when your team succeeds. This is FUN, and you'll be surprised by the intellectual challenge.

October 27th at 800PM, Casual Dress, No Partner necessary.

The Ducharme Center 10 Dupont Street Worcester, MA

(Arrive early and watch the Advanced Level dancing between 700PM—800PM.)

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