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Frequently Asked Questions

What is All-Position Dancing (APD)?

All-Position Dancing refers to dancing calls from non-standard positions. For example, if you are in facing couples with the gents on the left, the call "Right and Left Thru" would be Standard-Position Dancing. If you are in sashayed couples (gents on the right), then "Right and Left Thru," with the lady courtesy-turning the gent, would be All-Position Dancing.

What is Dancing By Definition (DBD)?

Dancing By Definition involves any situation where you have to remember the definition of a call. Often this involves calls from unfamiliar positions or fractionalized calls. For example, the call Crossfire (Ends Cross Fold, Centers Trade and Extend) is usually called from generalized Lines (most often Two-Faced Lines). If it is called from Diamonds, the dancers have to remember the definition, decide who is a Center and who an End, and then do their parts. One example of a fractionalized call is "Scoot Back One and a Half," which starts in a Box Circulate formation and ends in a Two-Faced Line.

3 and 1 lines with circulate paths

Coordinate is usually called from Columns and ends in Two-Faced Lines. If it is called from 3 and 1 Lines, as in the diagram at right, it ends in Facing Diamonds. Click on the diagram to see a full explanation, prepared by club member Jim Covell.

What is a Speed Demon tip?

We dance a sequence at normal pace, getting familiar with the pattern. Then we play a second, faster piece of music and dance the same pattern (or patterns) again. Then we go even faster.

Do you dance rounds?

No, we dance squares, with short breaks in between tips.

How much does the club cost?

As of 2007, we charge $6 per dancer for our Wednesday evening workshops and $8 per dancer for our Saturday dances.

Do you require special square dance attire?

We do not have a dress code. Most of our dancers dress casually, but you are welcome to dress up in traditional square dance attire if you like.

Can I come without a partner?

We welcome singles as well as couples. Several of our regular dancers are used to dancing both parts, which makes it easier to find a partner.

How long have Al and France Rouff been square dancing?

Al grew up in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in a family of 11 children. After high school, he went into the Air Force for almost 10 years, first working as an electronics technician and then teaching electronics in the classroom. After deciding he wanted to go back to school, he left the Air Force and started working on a degree in electrical engineering. At the same time, he started a full time job in technical operations at a television station in Champaign, Illinois. After a few years of that, a job change brought him back to the Boston area to work at a television station in a much larger market. After several promotions, he eventually left his engineering management position at Channel 7 for a position as Vice President of Engineering & Technology for the Providence Journal Broadcast Division. During this time period, he sat on an FCC Advisory Committee which eventually made recommendations to the FCC for a high definition television broadcast standard for the United States. Al's retirement from the television broadcast industry came in 2003, after 6 years of consulting work in High Definition Television Broadcasting.

Al took up Modern Western Square Dancing in 1999. As a dancer, he progressed up to C-1 before deciding to become a caller. He went to a CALLERLAB curriculum caller school in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Not surprisingly, Al's engineering background seemed to be extremely useful as he acquired the knowledge and skills necessary for his new hobby.

France grew up in a small mining town in Quebec Province, Canada. The name of the town is Thetford Mines. Her father moved the entire family to the United States when she was 13 years old. The remainder of her childhood was in Lawrence, MA. After high school, she spent some time traveling and then working in Europe. She eventually came back to the United States to work as a hotel manager. Currently, she is Vice-President of Finance and Administration for a small manufacturing company in New Hampshire where she also wears a second hat, doing the financials for a chemical manufacturing company based in Barcelona, Spain and doing business in the United States. She loves going to school, it's a hobby to her. For the past 10 years she has taken at least one college course every semester. Would you believe, at her age she just took Human Biology?

France took up square dancing in 2002. She dances up to the A-2 level and she's been learning C-1 as time and opportunities permit. She is also a line dance instructor and leader. She has a weekly line dance group in St. Johnsbury, VT. She loves to sew and she has lots of high tech sewing and quilting apparatus in her sewing room.